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Hosting Wizard Progress v1.0

What is your web development skill level?

Choose one option that best describes your website / hosting skill level

What Type of Website?

Describe the primary purpose of your website to help us understand your needs.

Tell us about your business

Our wizard will consider your business size in coming up with an appropriate solution.

Optional Requirements

Choose one or more script/software requirements for your website if applicable. If none of these requirements apply to you, please go to the Next Step.

Storage & Domain Requirements

Help us narrow down your choices by selecting your anticipated storage and domain needs. For storage, include approximate usage based on website content (locally stored images, video, audio, etc.) and email (messages and attachments). For domains, we need to know how many separate websites (domains) you plan to use in a single account (include domain aliases/redirects).

Estimate the amount of storage you will need for your site content and email. Don't know? Click here, then proceed to next step.

How many different domains/websites do you need space for?

What's your budget?

Finally, tell us about your budget so that we can find an appropriately-priced plan that suits your needs.

Do you have an estimated budget in mind for your hosting plan? Identify it here. Don't know? Click here, then proceed to next step.



Use our Hosting Wizard or choose any plan that suits your particular needs.


Receive information

We'll provide you the information you need to get setup right away. Upload your website in just minutes.


Hassle-Free Billing

We offer convenient automatic recurring billing options so your service never gets interrupted. Prefer manual control? We allow that too!


Friendly Support

Our ExcellentHost staff is here every step of the way to help answer any questions you have and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with your services.



High Performance Tech

We use the latest software & hardware, including LiteSpeed, CloudLinux and pure SSD drives to deliver the ultimate reliability for your business

Uptime and Reliability

We proactively monitor our infrastructure 24/7 so you'll never have to worry if your site is down

Competitive Prices

Premium quality doesn't mean premium pricing. We also never change our prices once you signup for a service

Seamless Upgrades

As your business grows, your hosting needs to grow with you. We can help you to switch between our services easily, with no downtime

Experienced Support

16 years in the industry means we know websites inside out. Our friendly agents are all trained to resolve both simple and complex issues

Free Addons

All our plans already include what you need most for your business: SSL certificate, Weebly site builder, LScache for WordPress & more!

Not sure what you need?

We can help with all your business hosting requirements.