Premium Enterprise Hosting

Built from ground up, ExcellentHost is a premium provider of webhosting services designed for startup consumers to medium-sized businesses and even large corporations. Our robust network infrastructure based on years of experience in the hosting industry ensures a reliable performance that is unparallelled with other companies.

As a premium webhosting provider, we have a 100% anti-overselling policy, which means we neither overload our servers nor sacrifice performance. While other providers may ostensibly offer "unlimited" resources, it is a well known gimmick in the industry that entails frustration, headaches and fine print. At ExcellentHost, we guarantee you will get the resources you pay for — so you can experience superior response times and reliability for your website. Need more convincing?

ExcellentHost's international infrastructure now boasts two distinct server locations: one at the BlueSquare Datacenter, London, UK and the other at Forth Worth, Texas, USA. Customers can freely choose between any one of these locations, based on preferences, target audience, familiarity or proximity. All shared, reseller, VPS and dedicated server packages come with this choice, subject to availability. Need more convincing?

Our network averages over 99.9% uptime based on realistic monthly statistics. Our priority is to maintain ultimate reliability coupled with cutting-edge performance. Our staff of 24/7 datacenter engineers monitor all servers to ensure this is goal is reasonably achieved. Need more convincing?

ExcellentHost was developed from ground-up by established leaders in the industry. The growth of ExcellentHost's sister company, PolurNET Communications, gave way to new ideas, infrastructure, software and feature support not previously available. We found it necessary to bring a novel brand that emphasizes our core values; this is none other than ExcellentHost Enterprises. Need more convincing?

ExcellentHost customers and staff love new technology, and that's why we take advantage of it. From the next-generation cPanel 11 control panel, Apache 2, PHP5, MySQL 5, Ruby on Rails support*, AJAX, RVSiteBuilder, Perl and more, our feature-filled service offerings highlight our committment to innovation. Need more convincing?

Shared Web Hosting ( Single and Multiple Domain Shared Hosting )

From beginners to small businesses, our single and multiple domain shared hosting plans come with many easy-to-use features and includes the latest Apache, PHP 5 and MySQL 5 software to run your website smoothly and effortlessly.

Reseller Web Hosting ( Multiple Accounts Reseller Hosting )

Designed for users that need to host multiple domains on separate hosting accounts with customizable features and quotas, our powerful reseller webhosting plans are both cost-effective and easy to operate.

Virtual Private Servers ( Now With Increased Resources )

Ideal for medium to large websites that need greater independence and stability compared to a shared hosting environment, VPS plans effectively separate your account into an individual clusters. This ensures your site never experiences downtime from other users.

Solid State Drive (SSD) VPS ( New Service Launched )

Our SSD VPS employs the latest solid state drive technology, which boosts both speed and performance compared to conventional hard drives. Each SSD VPS is fully isolated from other users, ensuring extremely fast response times and reliability, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated server. With virtually no managment required, SSD VPSs combine the power of a dedicated server with the ease-of-use of our VPS services.

Dedicated Servers ( Double RAM and Double HDD Special! )

With enterprise-class hardware for large websites and corporations, our dedicated servers are the ultimate definition of reliability, performance and innovation. Our international network infrastructure ensure that your site is instantly accessible around the world.

During the 8 years I've been creating and maintaining websites, I've use about seven different hosting companies - from expensive to discount hosts. None of them have matched the quality of service I've received from ExcellentHost. Their support staff are friendly, knowledgeable, respectful and eager to solve any problems I run into. And they're willing to go the extra mile to make my job easier!

Charles N.